The software MERGE provides an automatic, fast and robust solution for merging and repairing CAD surface meshes.


The main message of the software is that MERGE puts all components of an object together.


Normally the merging process of triangulated surface meshes takes several weeks since the work has to be executed manually or semi-automatically. MERGE is the efficient solution in terms of time, quality and costs. The software is able to generate automatically clean input data for many simulation applications within only a few hours


MERGE is an automatic preprocessing tool, which takes erroneous CAD data (triangulated surface meshes) and turns them into well-defined meshes suitable for a wide range of simulation applications, e.g. for the simulation of the dip painting process with our software  ALSIM.



MERGE is considered to be auxiliary for customers as preprocessing tool for mesh generation in the following branches:


•Automotive OEMs and suppliers

•Paint shops

•Agricultural machinery manufacturers

•Commercial vehicle producer

•Users of CFD

•Suppliers in various branches


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