The software ALSIM, a simulation tool for the dynamical dip painting process, sets new standards in the simulation for manufacturing.


ALSIM allows the simulation and optimization of the Electro Coating Process.


Customers request high quality, persistent, non-corroding vehicles. Therefore, expensive prototypes are cut open after the dip painting process to find the unpainted areas. As the dip painting process is one of the ultimate steps in the automotive industry, design errors in this step slow down the whole development process and might delay the market launch.


For the dip in process and during the dive ALSIM visualizes emerging and wandering air bubbles and therefore recognizes uncoated areas. While dipping out of the bath, ALSIM computes the formation of puddles. These might carry over to the next bath or cause boiling vessels in the drying chamber if nothing is changed.


However, by using ALSIM the design can be modified early in the development process to optimize the dip painting process.


ALSIM and  MERGE (software for merging and repairing CAD surface meshes) are considered to be advantageous for customer in the following branches:


•Automotive suppliers

•Paint shops

•Agricultural machinery manufacturers

•Commercial vehicle producer

•Users of CFD

•Suppliers in various branches


There also exists the opportunity to make use of our offered simulation or merging service besides purchasing the dipping simulation software. This might be especially beneficial for companies with more infrequent need for merging or dipping simulations of complex components. Thus, acquisition costs can be saved and still late and expensive design modifications can be avoided.


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