In addition to SIMULIA products, Caelynx is an authorized reseller of FEMFAT software. FEMFAT predicts the fatigue life of products. With years of proven success in providing reliable results, Caelynx offers software sales and training services to new and existing clients of FEMFAT





Caelynx recently became the Romania distributor for ALSIM and MERGE software, developed by Engineering Center Steyr (ECS). Caelynx is responsible for sales, support and training for both of these brands of ECS simulation software. By using ALSIM, a simulation tool for the dip painting industry, designs can be modified early in the development cycle to optimize the dynamic dip painting process. MERGE provides an automatic, fast and robust solution for merging and repairing CAD surface meshes. MERGE puts all components of an object together, reducing weeks of manual labor down to a few hours of automatic processing.